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There are so many things that we need to organize,

using little blocks of time to declutter our purses and wallets is the ticket to always having a tidy and organized purse and wallet.

With a little planning we can use small pockets of time to get this job done.

Things become a mess for even those who are organizationally gifted.

When you are at an appointment waiting, on a phone call, or riding on a bus or an airplane those are perfect opportunities to dejunk your purse or wallet.

You will be surprised how many opportunities you have to get this done. It should
become a regular practice.

Every time you have a few moments, even just 5 minutes waiting on someone, use it to go through your purse or your wallet and dejunk it.

Much Love,
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Terry Lynn Boyer - Reply

Love the look that the woman in the gold blouse had – she was so curious… I dejunk my purse all the time at the Dr’s office – especially coupons. I have a new system (for me) and I have a plastic envelope for coupons and another one for receipts – that way they are kept separate. Thanks for all your tips and tricks!

Katherine Rizzo Roberts - Reply

You are Good Terry, It is so funny about coupons. I tell people that they are not allowed to cut coupons until they are dejunked. There are hundreds of them from 1920 in every drawer, purse and coat pocket! Some people never master coupons… I love your system, and the plastic envelope is the way to go for them and receipts! Brava 🙂

Sheng Feliciano - Reply

LOL the company would love to see the behind the scenes section of this video

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