Time for you! Time for People! We Need it!

When I got divorced I had no money.  So, to make ends meet, I cleaned a couple of houses, and got a job as a crossing guard for school kids twice a day to help out with family finances. The crossing guard schtick was kind of fun at first and it paid $50 a day so it helped.

So, I was making a few bucks, but not doing anything I could actually put on a resume to find a real job to support myself and my kids.

When I began on the journey to learn how to be “The Tidy Tutor” it was a colossal endeavor. But, you know what they say about successful people… “Successful People do what Unsuccessful people are Unwilling to do.

“Wow, was that ever true, and I invested every dime of my tax returns for my education, and every second I wasn’t working or sleeping.

My youngest daughter, Emily was 16 years old when I began to write my book and started on the road to get educated in all that I needed to learn. I stayed up late and woke up early,
I was always on my computer and reading everything on the subject I could get my hands on.  I was ravenous for knowledge and I knew I could not slow down.One thing I did (not as often as I should have, I have to admit) was I pulled myself off of the tasks to spend time with Emily.  Sometimes she would aske me to watch a movie and cuddle or just do something.I remember the PULL to say no, I had to learn what I was learning, I had to do all I was doing for her and so we could be secure and not be afraid that the electric bill wouldn’t be paid or there would not be enough food.

There always seems to be noble reasons NOT to spend time with those we love, but we must; we must for ourselves as much as for them.  It nurtures our soul, and that is mandatory or we die inside.

We MUST MAKE THE TIME to be together, to spend time looking into each others eyes during conversation, to sit next to each other sharing a moment, a movie, a dinner, a game, something, anything at all…

The mess our homes are in can be another excuse not to take the time for family, for those we love, or the things we long to do.

Have you ever said things like…“I will play with you when I get this room cleaned up!”

But it never gets cleaned up.

“We will plan the vacation or go to the park or lake or pool as soon as I get THIS together.”

But “THIS” never get’s together.

Sometimes we just have to pull ourselves away, like when we have a job or career or business…

And sometimes we have to learn how to schedule it in, guilt free so that it will actually happen.

001114 faimily day

In any case this blog is here to remind you that it is “THE” most important thing in our lives. Spending time with each other, taking care of ourselves, being freaking happy!

I shared a video on this page of a baseball game my family went to (my nephew Anthony plays for the Chicago Cubs and he was at Citi Field so we all went to watch him play) and also a picture of a beach day my brothers and sisters take the time for every year together, just for inspiration.

I need reminders and inspiration too. I get bogged down in the every day “Gotta-Do-This!” stuff just like everyone else does….

If you are in a mess, then I can tell you, short of a miricle, you will never feel the satisfaction that you want to feel regarding taking the time to enjoy your life.  There is too much to manage.

In Tidy Tutor University, I can also tell you that you have found the miracle that will make it happen for you. No Joke.

So join my course today, right now.   You get my emails cause you need what I’ve got.  Now make it happen…Only you can make it happen, and it’s a lot easier than you think with my helping hand.

Come on, give it a try, you know you’ve been putting it off, like everything else.  So stop putting it off right now, you have everything to gain and it’s just plain life changing in the most positive and rewarding way.

I can’t wait to start working with you. Click here to get started. And then go out and PLAY!

Much Love,







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