Dejunking Together – Papers part 1and 2

Today we will dejunk paper piles together!

We will get rid of all the paper piles that have accumulated all over the house and learn how to stop that from happening to you forever and you don’t have to go digital to do it!

This is step 1 – The Gather

Here is what you will need: 1 or more apple boxes (it depends on the amount of papers you’ve got) some twine (you can use yarn or ribbon if you have that hanging around) a pen and some scrap paper, rubber bands (the kind that the mailman uses to wrap up the mail sometimes) and a scissor.

Go around the house and tie up or put a rubber band around one pile at a time, after you have it all wrapped up you will want to name the pile. This will help you easily identify it should you need to find something and also will help you when it’s time to go through each pile.

The way you determine what to call it can be by location, for example: “End table in the living room” or what that pile represents, such as “Car accident papers”

Write what it is called on a scrap piece of paper and stick it under the tied yarn/twine/ribbon or under the rubber band and toss it in the box.

Then go to the next pile till there are no more piles left in the house.

When you are all done put the lid on the box(s) and put it/them in a particular area in the house, maybe a closet, or a spare room or in a corner in a room.

Then make a commitment to take 15 minutes a day to go through each bundle. Most will be shredded and or recycled.

Those that you will keep put in an empty box marked “KEEP” and we will deal with those things after all the piles and boxes have been gone through.

Be sure and keep the KEEP in the same batches you have before, maybe now they will be held in a paper clip or an envelope, but be sure to keep the name on it that was it’s original.



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