I realize that this is really last minute, but I only got the idea on Monday and I thought it was too late to do for this weekend… But it keeps coming up over and over, so I’m going with my gut and doing it anyway. My idea is to do a group decluttering/cleaning day with you live online. Five or six hours set aside to get work done in the house with direction and motivation from me, inside an online virtual meeting!Since this weekend is a holiday weekend in the US, I figured that you may have put some time aside to get work on the house done, and if you have that time set aside for this Saturday I want to help you be super productive!Here is how it will work: We will meet online live via a link you’ll receive when you sign up. I will give you some instruction and a super motivational pep-talk! You can ask me questions and then we will break to do some cleaning/decluttering for a specific designated time.Then we will all meet back online, touch base, get a break, another pep-talk, some motivation and instruction, Q and A time, and head on out do to another jaunt!We will break for lunch and then get back together and begin again.Our meeting will be open for 5 hours, possibly running into 6, you can jump in any time and take off any time, but I will be there for you every step of the way, and you will be there for each other as well!

Here are the Supplies you’ll need for the day

We will discuss whether we want to keep the meeting live streaming which will give us the ability to work together should that be the consensus.

All the instruction on how to join the meeting will be given after you sign up, and I will be available should you have any questions.If you have any questions now, here is my contact information: In the states you can Text me 201-290-4549, you can PM me on Facebook or you can email me Kathy@TheTidyTutor.Com  Register for our first ever declutter/cleaning day HERE  Love, Kathy

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