Is the clutter costing you happy?

This week for Throw it out Thursday I want to share with you what has been going on inside of my members area.

When someone takes my course, they get put into a private Facebook group. In there we give each other support, encouragement and report what we are up too in our journey to order.

Often we will work together on specific goals.

In December one of my amazing peeps found a blog by the Mimimalists and shared it inside our group. She suggested that we do it together, and we did.

(Here is the original blog she shared )

In a nutshell it was a 31 day challenge to get rid of things using this system:

Every day get rid of the number of things for the day of the month that it is.

For example, on the 1st get rid of 1 thing, on the 2nd, get rid of 2 things, on the 3rd get rid of 3, and so on. You end up getting rid of over 500 things I believe.

Well, it turned out to be really really motivating.

The momentum people had was contagious. Before you knew it members who struggled with getting rid of things were looking forward to doing it an finding that it was becoming not only easy but almost a need, because they were finding that they were enjoying life more without the things around them, that they really didn’t need.

Amazingly enough, happiness comes with less stuff. Go figure.

Here is a quote from one of my most darling Tidy Tutor Friends and students in this regard:

“I think I finally got “IT” – every day I wake up thinking “what can I go through today to get rid of and declutter?” and am no longer overwhelmed. I saying “good riddance” to a lot of things that I wonder why they were so important to keep?

Thank you for the claps, whistles, smiley faces, etc. What I realized after this is the TRUTH behind Kathy’s saying that “you can’t organize clutter” – it has become so apparent to me, because now that we are getting rid of the clutter – there is an open quality in our spaces. It is so cool to open a cabinet and know exactly where my smoothie protein powder is, or to open the cabinet in the bathroom and there is the place where the TP goes…. (big smile)” – Terry

Listen to me, Terry had a hard time letting go of things in the beginning. Don’t think to yourself that you are different. You aren’t. Really.

It really helps to do it with company. You can do it with a friend, or you can post your plan on my Tidy Tutor Page if you want.

So, for this Throw it Out Thursday I just want to encourage you to try this. Maybe you don’t need to dig deep to find things, maybe just from things on your dining room table you could accomplish up to day 15.

Maybe you would have to dig into your storage area to get started. Regardless, if there is stuff that is in your home that you don’t love, don’t use, doesn’t fit or is broken, it is not only cluttering up your home. It is costing you your joy.

Let me know how it goes for you. If you start it, If you have a partner, and about the stuff you got rid of. I would love to see pictures! Share your discards! 🙂

Much Love to you,


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