One of the members in Tidy Tutor Insiders asked a question in our Private Facebook Community about boxes she just picked up from her mom’s that contained sentimental things. This is typical of the type of questions I get asked.

The boxes had things from her childhood in them. She did ok with most of the contents, but had a hard time deciding what to do with collectible horses she loved dearly as a little girl.

She felt that they were part of her identity, even though she knew she was not that little girl anymore.

Still, those horses meant so much to her she felt that she could not just dump them in the donations bin.

Since she is on a journey to live a more organized life and lives in a modern home, when she came across those sentimental toys she had a hard time deciding what to do with them.

In the video below I address this issue that we all come across as we begin to cull our possessions.

The video is about 50 minutes, it is unedited and exactly as you would experience as if you were a live participant and a member of Tidy Tutor Insiders.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about dejunking sentimental or hard to let go of things is covered in this video.

Listen while you’re driving, getting ready for the day, going for a walk, cooking dinner or anything you do that is kind of mindless…

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