3 Things to Change Today to begin Your New Year Resolution.

In this blog are 3 things you can do right now to start on your New Year Resolution to get organized.

It is already the second week of the month, the first month of the year is 1/2 over already and if you haven’t begun yet, I want to give you a boost.

You ready? Don’t over think this, don’t think about other things you have to do too.

# 1. Make a commitment to go to bed without any dishes in the sink.

Begin a new habit to wash any dish you use, (or get them in the dishwasher right away) before it leaves your hand, you will take care of it.

If you have LOTS of dishes to do right now, let me give you some help to tackle them, because you’ll have to catch up for this to make a difference.


Take all the dishes out of the sink. Fill it up 1/2 way with hot sudsy water and then put as many dishes in it as you can.

Wait about 10 minutes (be sure to set a timer) and when it goes off, wash the dishes that have been soaking (if you have a dishwasher then put them in the dishwasher and repeat and start the dishwasher).

If you are hand washing them: You won’t be able to rinse them because the sink will be filled with hot sudsy water, so just put them to the side on the counter all washed and soapy. When you are finished with that sink full, drain the water and rinse the dishes. Repeat if necessary.

Leave them in the drain and when you go into the kitchen in the morning put the dishes away.

# 2. Think about tomorrow. Sometime after dinner think about what you have going on tomorrow.


Do you have an appointment?

Do you need anything to bring with you when you go to it?

Is there a bill due tomorrow?

Does one of your kids have something to go to?

A practice, a lesson?

Do they need a uniform or something cleaned and ready for it?

Do you need to go somewhere you have never been before tomorrow?

Get directions, GPS is not always available, or right. Is anything happening at work tomorrow that you need to be prepared for?

Think about tomorrow and prepare for it tonight.

# 3. Shower, dress and groom before anything. You would be surprised to know that many OGP (Organizationally Gifted People) don’t realize how doing this one thing makes the mornings run so smoothly.

Don’t get coffee first, don’t check your emails first, don’t eat breakfast first…Nothing else first!

If you work out in the morning, I don’t expect you to shower first.

The shower is not the point. Being ready to go, groomed as appropriately as you need to be for how you will move forward, first thing is the point.

So if you stay at home and get kids out the door and you go to the gym, walk or work out after you drop them off, then you will get yourself in your gym clothes, first thing with a pony tail, sneakers on and with a washed face.


The goal is to be dressed and ready in anyway that’s appropriate for YOUR day, first thing before anything else when you get up.

Begin with these three things for the rest of this month.

Remember that if we want to see change we have to change things.

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