What stops you for succeeding? Learning how to be successful!

I went to the Newark airport to get Pam Young yesterday and dropped her off at her son’s home in Brooklyn.

After I gave her a hug and a kiss and saw that the doorman had let her in I drove a few blocks and then I pulled over and text her, almost in a panic, certainly with regret.

“PAM! I can’t believe we didn’t do a video! We should have done a video or at least gotten a selfie!”

Her quick text back was, “We could have but what would we do with it? We would have to call it two crazy women in traffic. LOL”

She is really, really funny! I would laugh out loud reading her books, and more than once someone in earshot had asked me if I was ok… thinking I was crying.

She told me that her son felt a little guilty because they agreed that she should take a taxi or an Uber after she landed. It is what most of us do, it’s not unusual at all.

But he is too close to her to understand, to get why I would go out of my way just to spend the time I could get with her in the car until we got to her destination.

After all, I was going to see her the following week anyway…

I told her, “That’s because your son does not know who his mother is.” How could he know what she means to me and to so many of my generation and beyond…?

Do you realize that Pam and Peggy’s book “Sidetracked Home Executives” was the only one of its kind for over 30 years! …a how to get organized book written from the Slobs perspective. It has never been done before that!

(And as a side note, the only 2 other books that have been written since, from the same perspective were completely a byproduct of her original book! Marla Cilley’s “Sink Reflections” and my book titled “Finally Organized”)

Before I read her book, I thought there was something wrong with me. Pam Young and her sister Peggy Jones helped me understand myself, it is what I strove to do in my book. Help you see how wonderful you are exactly like you are!

I even gave a copy of “Sidetracked Home Executives” to a pastor, so he could understand those who volunteered at his church after I received a letter from him voicing his frustrations (in the last chapter of my book I talk about this).

I remember beginning the implementation of Pam and Peggy’s system like it was yesterday… all these 29 years later!

I went out and got my yellow, blue, white and pink 3×5 cards, the card file box, the number 1-30 dividers, A-Z cards, Jan to Dec dividers and my 3×5 pad. I sat in my father’s dining room, laid it all out with my pen in hand and filled out the hundred or so cards that were necessary to get that system under-weigh.

I was ecstatic! Not only did I understand myself for the first time in my life after reading that book, but I knew that this time it was going to be different, and it was!

It was that woman that I had the opportunity to keep company with. I didn’t consider it as I was doing her a favor. I considered it an honor for her to let me!

Now for my message: The reason I will see Pam next week is because we are doing a live luncheon workshop together. And I want to impress upon you the monumental occurrence that is going to quietly happen here in my hometown area.

If you are in the New Jersey / New York area, I hope you will do whatever it takes to make this happen for you.

I know that us OCP/BOP (Organizationally Challenged People/Born Organized People) are the cream of the procrastinating crop! (as I said in a previous email) I know how this kind of thing, especially during Thanksgiving time can get put off.

I know it is in the mix of the holiday season, and it is a really busy time… but what better time than this to get grounded and settled for today and also ready for the New Year!

On November 28, 2017 at 12 Noon… We will be together for 4 hours. We will talk about what stops us from achieving, how to overcome the obstacles in our way and what to do to make what we want to happen actually happen. We will discuss body, home, relationships and work. The four areas that all of us live and revolve from.

We will provide lots of motivation and just the right amount of instruction to ensure that you will get the best out of the New Year so that your life will be rich with fulfillment and satisfaction. There is even an option to bring a friend free!

CLICK HERE to RSVP and save your spot!


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