Woo-Hoo! It’s time to boogie!

Hello my Tidy Peeps! 

I am sooooooo excited!

Before I go on with this message please know that this is a self paced program. No one will ever be behind. You will be exactly where you should be as you progress.

I have lots we can do on this page, but please know that TTU and Cawfee Tawk for inspiration, motivation, and added instruction is all you need, everything else is a bonus, they will not go away, so don’t feel like you will miss out.

I will always be doing something new. So when you’re ready, it will be there for you.

So, I’ll continue now with this message…

Tidy Tutor University is closed to new enrollment until January 1st and we will connect on a journey that you will never forget.

I know you will never forget because we always remember the moment when we get what we want, when we accomplish our desires, when things click and life changes!

You, me and all of the Tidy Tutor Insider Family will be moving forward together to create the greatest holiday season we’ve ever had, build the home life of our dreams, build our confidence back up and finally be able to take care of ourselves for a change instead of always freaking “cleaning” (notice the quotes around cleaning)

We are going to usher the new year in on a high note for a change!

BUT I want to be sure you know, that you will never be behind. This is self paced! Everyone moves ahead at their own pace and I am here to support you! And all of the excesses we will be doing will be recorded. You do not need to participate in any of the extra stuff I have going on, these are bonus’ TTU and Cawfee Tawks (recorded or live) are the only thing that you NEED to be involved in, and those are self paced. 🙂

Now to continue… Next year you aren’t going to say, “This year it’s going to be different!”

Next year you are going to say, “This year is going to be amazing!”

Can you tell I’m excited?

Here is an outline of what I have planned for October as well as a calendar download of all our events.


October 1st we will have a live webinar for “Every Day We’re Going to Play” This is an exercise in focus. Each day for 30 days we will focus on one specific thing.

We’ve got a separate FB group for that and every day we will check in with each other.

To find out more go to the members area and click on the “Every Day…” Icon.

Every other Tuesday we will meet in October at noon (if you can’t make it don’t worry it’s recorded) To register for the next scheduled Cawfee Tawks login to your members area and click on the “Cawfee Talk Central” icon.

Every Monday and Thursday there will be a Kathy’s Facebook Thread.

Two days a week where I can give focused and scheduled attention on the things that you need help with. (These will be days that I will do Facebook live videos as well)

On the 18th of October we will have a Mini TTU live class. I will touch base with you guys live and we will have Q and A time as well as a bit of a review/refresher.

On October 1st Head Start to the Holiday’s series will be added to our members bonus area.

I am committed to help you get the house and your life ready for the holidays this year. This is absolutely doable and there is no better time to start!

I will send out November’s agenda at the end of October.

I want to follow your lead and provide the help that is the most needed.

Thank You for trusting me to help you with your home, I know that getting organized has been a wish that you’ve just about given up on…  and I do not take this responsibility lightly.

Please, ask questions, and participate. Share your concerns and your triumphs, your frustrations and your mess.

Our FB group is a safe place, so feel free to be transparent, it is a no judgement zone, we are some of the most amazing women (and a couple of men) that are alive on our planet.

I really look forward to getting to know you.




There is something else… we have been doing a Goal setting series inside our Cawfee Tawks, this is ongoing and will be put together and saved inside of our Bonus Video Section. This is something I am really excited about! And jus so you know, it will be a paid product to everyone else, but not for you!

Membership has it’s privileges 🙂