Becoming Minimalist, Who am I?

This is the 3rd or 4th video I did talking about my front porch.

Originally my front porch looked a certain way and I liked it.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 12.47.08 PM

But I saw a picture of a porch that I loved and knew I could make my front porch look like that picture, but I thought I couldn’t because I had things on my porch that I loved. What would I do with those things?

white porch online After I got introduced to minimalism and went to NY to see The Minimalists speak, I started seeing things in a different light. Like do my things have more power over me than they should?


So I decided to do an experiment, I took everything out of the porch, I didn’t get rid of everything, I just took it out. 

I wanted to make this room as close to the picture as I could because I really liked it. I got a chandiler from my sister that she had in her attic, and I put that up,

and I painted the floor a very very light grey, I painted the walls white, I bought curtains that gave the same look, and something funny happened, I got nervous.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 12.54.02 PMI thought it wasn’t me, and wondered if I really liked it, it actually was scary for some reason! But I lived with it for a little while, I knew that when we get out of our comfort zones our feelings can be deceiving.

Something else was a concern for me, I have a glider rocker that I really like, I thought I couldn’t put it in the room because it didn’t match, so I took it out.

I brought it back into the room, and it turns out that I love it, just like it is, no spray paint, it’s perfect, and that made me really happy.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.19.36 PM

After being in this room for a little while, I saw that it was ok, I was afraid that it would get really messy because it was all white. I received many comments on one of the videos I did about this experiment, voicing that I was afraid I couldn’t be me in the room, allowing my granddaughter to have chalk on her hands and what if I wanted to have a tea party with cupcakes?! “So what! Just clean it up!” was the response I got! DAUGH!

I love you people!

It is just something that I wasn’t used to, and i had to give myself some time to see how I would feel about it after I’ve lived with it a bit.

I added some things in the room. I put a rug down, a mirror up, I got a hanging plant and a vase to add some color, I painted and distressed a chest that I had out there and I think the more distressed the light grey floor will be the better.

So this is the final video I will do about my front porch and the experiment that I did. Watch the video for all therefore and after and process slides!

I came to realize that I don’t have to stay the same forever and I can change the things that I like, and I can get rid of them too, because I am not my things.

Do I want to spend my life caring for and about things? People and experiences, that should be really the bottom line to what I put my energy into.

I will be continuing down this road, thinking minimalism because I fell like for people like us, who have such a hard time parting with things, it will prove to be the turning point for us, we can get what we want, not only a home free of clutter, but a life that we truly have dreamed of living.

Much Love

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Cheryl Smith - Reply

Kathy, this is just right. I know you’re ‘not your things’, but you’re in it! You tweeked it and made it ‘you’. I think God made us that way. Sort of like this: I just don’t feel “me” in certain clothing…but I can try new looks out. Now with the porch you stepped out of a sort of comfort zone and it seems like that’s kind of representative of the courageous way you live your life. I hope I’m making sense. Kinda tired. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the whole process with us.

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