What The Bleep Do We Know?

I am on a retreat. If you have ever heard of the documentary “What The Bleep Do We Know?” which asked the question: “What is our purpose? Where do we come from? What is reality?”

then you know that it featured a neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispensa, and I am at a weekend workshop that he is teaching.

He has made it his life’s work to take the mysticism out of meditation and the supernatural.

OK, so here is the reason for this blog.

Well Here I am at a retreat where I have decided to unplug and give myself fully to what I am learning, but all I could think about this morning when I woke up was you.

You are my calling. You are what I think about during almost my every waking moment.


Below is a video I did in 2012. I knew I wanted to go in a bit of a different direction but I didn’t know how to integrate it with The Tidy Tutor and it fell by the wayside.


I don’t know if you know it, but I consider myself a biblical scholar. I just knew on the inside of me that God did not intend his creation to live broke, unhappy and clueless. So I began searching for answers in The Bible. I started in 1980, and I began documenting my searching 1999.

I have had many miracles in my life, including a unexplainable recovery from a near fatal car accident in which I was told I would always need a wheel chair and I would never walk without pain.

Well, that search has taken me on a journey.

And it has brought me here today. At the Kripalu Center in Massachusetts, learning from one of the leading scientists in quantum physics for a weekend intensive workshop, continuing my search expecting to unlock the door that I have unlocked before, many times, but only for moments in time. I want it to be a way of life, not a hit or miss set of circumstances, and I want to share it with you and anyone else who I can reach.

I am writing this blog to let you know all of this, and to show you a direction I wanted to go in since 2012 with you. And to let you know that I am going to unplug. And as much as I will be pulled to want to communicate to you, and to periscope my experience and get it out to you in email and on Youtube and Twitter and Facebook, I am going to stay focused and just learn and practice what I am learning. And I will re-connect on Tuesday ๐Ÿ™‚

Much Love to you!


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rocio - Reply

I took your couse 2 years ago and my house still the same, I just tolld my self I will give me as my birthday presente, “yo clean my walk un closet, but sadly I hace 3 days sleeping un other bed because my bed is full with the stuf I took out,I hope with your motivaciรณn and remaining of that research, I will do it this week!
Thank you Katy
Love you much.

    The Tidy Tutor - Reply

    Hi Rocio! You mean you enrolled in my course 2 years ago. Because if you ‘took’ it you wouldn’t be in a mess still. Why don’t we talk?

eldorado61guy - Reply

I figured you are a biblical scholar. I have read the Bible and I have found that when I abandon my ego,humble myself and ask God in Jesus’ name to help me understand. Often things I didn’t understand will ‘jump off the page’ This is my comfort in a world of so many messed up values. I have heard of the documentary ‘What The Bleep Do We Know’ from my Brother, I will try to find it.
Thank you so much, Kathy, for all you do. You have set the good example for many including myself. And yet you have remained humble.

    The Tidy Tutor - Reply

    Oh Loren, Thanks. Youtube Dr Joe Dispenza. Lots of info to chew on from him on there.

jess33 - Reply

Wow sounds like a great retreat and major learning experience. I can’t wait to hear all about it! Your video from 2012 really resinates with me right now. I’m about to embark on a new career, my own business. I believe it is my calling! I dreamt about it 20yrs ago and now it’s happening! Oh I have fears and I’m trying not to let them in! I’m so pumped up about it..full of ideas and excitement! I never felt this way before and it feels real good!

    The Tidy Tutor - Reply

    OH Jess I would love to hear about what you are doing! And I understand your fears and excitement. I hope you will get around like minded people who understand and have success. It will really help you stay the course and see what is ‘normal’ Keep in touch please. I’d love to chat.

nytbyt - Reply

very uplifting and satisfying.

    nytbyt - Reply

    looking forward to hearing more from you. Thanks Kathy

    Nickolas Krawchuk

      The Tidy Tutor - Reply

      Thanks so much Nickolas ๐Ÿ™‚

    The Tidy Tutor - Reply

    Love your reply. Thank you!

beverlyann - Reply

It is so nice of you to do the things you want to do, also you are always thinking about us you are just what we need thank you have a wonderful time
Love you, Beverly

maddygirl - Reply

yes, please get off the busy tredmil, take the time to find self and why. You can always reconnect later. Please do this for all and share. we are following right behind you. you are our teacher, pls explore &n share with us for all of our growth. The past is gone.

    The Tidy Tutor - Reply

    Thanks so much Maddygirl ๐Ÿ™‚ You are darling! I really look forward to sharing what I’ve learned, it was quite a bit and really rewarding.

dcnsmith - Reply

with an extreme interest in neuroscience and quantum physics and the relationship to how we create our lives–so looking forward to learning about your weekend, Kathy. Have you started sharing yet? I’ve been out of the loop due to family illness that is going well.

    The Tidy Tutor - Reply

    No I haven’t. It is one of those things that, since I am far from an expert from it. I have to be really prepared to share.

    I have so much of it in my heart and mind, but getting it out of my mouth is a different thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m so glad you are interested in knowing this. I really look forward to having this be a part of Tidy Tutor.

    The Tidy Tutor - Reply

    No I haven’t. If I was writing with pen and paper I would be in front af a typewriter with blank paper and crumbled paper all around me. I can’t believe it has been two weeks already. I will surely begin this upcoming week. Thank you for the push. I’d love to hear what you have learned and what your experience is in learning about it too ๐Ÿ™‚

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