What is wrong with me?

I’m on the beach getting this message out to you. I’ve got a houseful and my 4 DAY SALE is happening TONIGHT at midnight, so… I had to be creative and figure out how to get this email to you NOW.

This was a great solution, and fun too!

In this video I share a little snippet of my course Tidy Tutor University – I want you to finally get organized and love the life you are living and my course TTU is the best way I know of to make that happen.

So I figure giving you a glimpse of what my course is like will help you to make the decision to to enroll and begin on the life changing journey that TTU takes you on!

Most of us who are Organizationally Challenged have been told that we were lazy and unmotivated. It is common for those of us OCP (Organizationally Challenged People) to hold a negative perception of who we actually are.

In this video I share a portion of Tidy Tutor University where I talk about how we can overcome those negative perceptions and live out who we really are; amazing, creative, giving people who simply have to learn HOW to get it all done while we continue to be authentic to who we are on the inside.

Keep an eye out for the sale to begin and take advantage of the incredible offer I am making to get TTU for 1/2 price.

Sale starts tonight MIDNIGHT Aug 24 – 27.



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