The Packrat, The Women & The Wardrobe: The Tidy Tutor’s Closet and Wardrobe

We are on number 5 in the video series focusing on wardrobes…

I want to mention this quickly…

The world pressures us into thinking that we MUST HAVE “this” and “that” for each season, but I think, for us, it is changing…

…we no longer want a consumption code mentality.

We want to carve out a different template, a different list of must haves, one that doesn’t make us go into debt to keep up with the Jonese’s, one that keeps life simple and helps us to be more authentic to who we are.

I am definitely going to dive into more of that in the future, but… for today we are going to continue to look into real people’s closets, and this week the featured closet is MINE.

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The Tidy Tutor

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