What do you want for Christmas?

I received some comments on Facebook about making it available to have Tidy Tutor University as a Christmas Present.

So… I made a way for you to ask for it!

With all the clutter we have, the last thing we want is another thing.

Asking for TTU for Christmas is like asking for a gift of more time, more fun, more control, more pride and more freedom.

Getting TTU for Christmas is like getting the best New Year you have ever had.

It is like getting a gift that gives and gives and gives.

So, here is a link you can send someone who has asked you what you want for Christmas.


They can even surprise you!

The gift will be delivered digitally on a day that the gift giver chooses when they purchase.

They can even have something to give you under the tree. By printing out the graphic below they can stick it in a card and have it to present on Christmas Morning.

The download is delivered to their inbox with instruction on how to download it or they can send it to any store that prints pictures.


Or an easier rout if they would rather, it is set up so that they can pick the day that it is delivered into your email box, and they can tell you to check your email because your gift is in it!

So, if you don’t want another THING, and would love to cross over into my Tidy Tutor World… Get the word out!

Much Love to you and Merry Christmas!

The tidy Tutor