Today On Facebook Day 1

Lyra: A few weeks ago I was in Boston and unexpectedly couldn’t make it home. My neighbor agreed to take care of my animals. So they wouldn’t be stressed by not sleeping at home, she spent the night at my house.


That was my initial reaction.

This morning I looked around and except for a few clothes that didn’t get hung up after laundry and a couple piles of mail on my desk, I’m ok with what she walked into and stayed with.

I’m still on my journey, but that realization was huge.

…This week has been full of ah-ha moments. I can’t begin to tell you what a difference you [Meaning me – Kathy] have made in my life – and I’m not talking about clutter, that’s how it started and that’s a great benefit, but it’s SO much bigger!! My heart is filled with such gratitude.

Rose Responds: Lyra this makes my heart SO happy. I have been there. Know the feeling. Well done darlin’ !!

Another Post Same day:

Kathleen: No where near where I want to be, but have had a couple of friends into my house, learning that it is me they are interested in, and that the “me” that I am is the important step, not the status of my de-cluttering…small steps over time

Lyra Responds: Oh Yes!!! Yesterday my daughter told me how much I’ve changed over the past 2 years….Thanks TTU!!! I look forward to the journey. We got this Kathleen 🙂

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