Throw it Out Thursday – Motivation to do it!

Somebody’s Coming Sunday!

OK! You ready!?

This is a new way that I thought of to keep on track, keep the house
cleaned up and motivate us to actually do it!

I call it, “Somebody’s Coming Sunday!”

If you are in Tidy Tutor University than you know that we have a “once over day”

It is a day we take, once a week, to give our house a ‘once-over’

Cleaning like we are the maids at a motel 6, just getting it done, spraying hand prints,
wiping spots on mirrors, dusting without moving anything and going over the
floors quickly.

I say that our “once-over day” is the red ribbon that ties together keeping
the house clean, while we keep-on-keep’in-on our Tidy Tutor system 🙂

Having somebody come over every Sunday puts things in a completely
different arena, and gets us up to speed in taking care of housekeeping!

We know “How to clean a house” we just don’t know how
to keep it that way.

Because we think that it has to NEED it, we wait till it gets dirty
or messy and that is not what the OGs of the world do. It is not
what we want either.

Knowing that company is coming really gets us to DO what
we want to do! It is the perfect motivation to living the life
we want to live at home, clean and tidy!

If it isn’t fun we don’t want to do it. So we put it off, but if we have a
REASON like somebody is coming! We MOVE!

And, have you ever noticed that when we are having company it is really
easy to SEE the clutter?

Planning to have company every Sunday will keep us on our organizationally
challenged toes!

Much Love to you!


The Tidy Tutor

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