TIOT- Declutter: Creating a Clean House

Welcome to Throw it Out Thursday!

This week I was inspired by my sister-in-law. She sent me a video of herself doing Throw It Out Thursday and this gave me an idea.

I think it would be awesome to see your videos of Throw It Out Thursday! Plus to make it even more FUN – when you participate….. I will enter you into a raffle to WIN a beautiful hand-made APRON!

Let’s face it…. sometimes we just need motivation to get things done.

Watch my video & see instructions below. 🙂

Instructions for participating:

  1. Make a short video of yourself doing TIOT (1-2 minutes long).
  2. Load it to YouTube
  3. Title your video as follows: The Tidy Tutor- Throw it Out Thursday.
  4. Send me the link to your video.

Submit video by June 15th to win, winner will be announced June 25th.

I hope you will join in the fun & share!!

Much Love
The Tidy Tutor University

PS. If you have always wanted to get organized, this is the best time of year to do it! Enroll in Tidy Tutor University and make it happen today!

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Rose Gallant - Reply

Love it Kathy!! I’m on it 🙂

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