TIOT – At Maria’s

Today I went to my sister Maria’s house.

It may be a little boring while watching it
after editing. Sorry about that. It was fun
while we were together.

But that really is OK. TIOT is about the
reminder to go through places at home and get
rid of things.

You can not organize clutter, as long as you
have to much stuff, you are doomed to live in
a mess. It just doesn’t work to get cleaned up
with excess.

So on this TIOT we go into Maria’s house and
get rid of her husbands T-shirts with holes,
a pocket book and shoes she no longer likes,
her pajama top that went to her pajama bottom
she ripped while outside gardening 🙂 and some
other things in her basement.

If you have never seen a Guinny Basement
you are in for a treat. I give a little tour
of one.

A guinny basement is something that Italians used
to do years ago, and some still do. They (Maria
Doesn’t do this) have a beautiful house that they
DON’T live in, but do live in a makeshift finished
basement, often just a table, chairs, cinderblock
walls and a kitchen that is the length of one wall.

Maria’s basement isn’t technically Guinny… But it
is close 🙂

Thanks for watching, Send me pics of your TIOT

Much Love!
The Tidy Tutor

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