Throw it Out Thursday at Christines

I had a sleepover with my 2 girlfriends Christine and Doris. We met 8 years ago at a self help meeting of sorts, and have been friends ever since.

We got together at Christine’s house last weekend, and I took the opportunity to do a Throw it out Thursday video.

Christine is Organizationally Gifted, but not a minimalist by any stretch of the word. Her place is always tidy, she does not have anything that she does’t love, need or want but she does have a lot of stuff.

I LOVE that about the OGP of the world. Because they do not have any hangups about their organizing skills, or the way they keep house, so they live un-apologetically inside their homes.

We on the other hand, would feel like we had to justify or make excuses about what we have and how we are living to people who came to visit if it was not… showcase June Cleaver ready!

Another thing too, that I noticed when doing the video; Christine felt it necessary to comment about getting her dishes done and how we would continue on with our day. She mentioned getting her towels out of the house to the laundromat as if that was a TIOT concept too (which it’s not) I edit that part out. She was trying to be helpful and I love her so much for it, but it further demonstrates how they don’t get us at all. I guess the same way that we don’t get them.

Here is a note: The reason that the laundry was not a TIOT moment was because Throw it Out Thursday is in existence because we have too much stuff. We can not organize clutter and our number ONE problem is TOO MUCH STUFF. While laundry is an issue for many of us, and we have instruction for that it is not the topic of TIOT, it will not get us to a place of having less to manage which is what TIOT is all about, getting rid of stuff that we don’t need, don’t love, don’t use, doesn’t fit or is broken.

Ok, well, now that I have gotten on with my commentary 🙂 I hope you like the video.

Happy Throw it out Thursday!

Much Love to you!

So much love!!


The Tidy Tutor

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Doris Colon - Reply

I love Christine! She was so cute when she was counting her mail. <3

Rose Gallant - Reply

Love this. Doing my Throw it Out Thursday on Friday. Meh, I’m a day late, but I’m still doing it 🙂

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