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  • How does our get togethers work?We get together for 1 hour in a zoom meeting live.  This is simply to have others to work with while we are doing our own routine.  If it is your desk day, once over day or you’re working in your zone, you can do it while we are together. It is simply a dedicated time to focus on some thing or things during the scheduled hour.
  • Once you register – Save the link, no need to register each time. The link you receive after registration will work for each of our meetings. 
  • RulesNot to be used for individual coaching.  Never discuss anything controversial. Keep the conversation on the positive. Politics, Covid, Inoculations, the lockdowns are not to be discussed.  Kathy has the right to revolk access to any member who do not follow the rules. These events are not recorded. It is your responsibility to get the event in your calendar. All our schedule events are posted. 
  • Why do we do this?This began as a response to the lockdowns that occurred all over the world beginning in March 2020. It was never an option, or included with membership. It is an additional perk offered to members only as a courtesy and can stop at any time. To make this a feasible and doable appointment xKathy is working on her own projects too.
  • The scheduleI will update the schedule monthly. Login to your members area for updated information. Times will vary every month. It has been at 2pm and noon. This becomes difficult as we are from all over the world.  
  • What to expectWe start on time and chat for 3-5 minutes. Each person sets an intention for the time we’ll be together and writes what we’ll be working on in the chat. When completed we can come back and post our progress. This helps us to stay focused. You have the option to be seen and heard, but can mute audio and disable video. If there are lots of background noises expect Kathy to mute your audio. A timer is set for 15 minutes just to keep us all aware of the passing of time. We talk or are quiet during the entire hour. Our conversations are small talk and positive, we stick to homemaking/organizing/Tidy Tutor topics…   It is not a time to work on things that require brain power as we are chatting during our time together.

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