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We are initiating a new habit, and we are calling it the “Do it Now Habit” I believe I speak for all of us O.C.P. (Organizationally Chal- lenged People) when I say that we are master procrastinators. I’ll do it later is as natural for us to proclaim as it for us to say “Hello” when we answer the phone.

You must come to a conclusion that this statement, “I’ll do it later” is now a thing of the past.

Here are some do it later moments: You are in the bank drive through, you put your drivers license, debit card and transaction in the carrier.

It gets sucked to the teller, and you wait. When it comes back to you, you take the envelope out, put the canister back, and you look at the contents or you don’t, that isn’t the point here. You then put the envelope on the seat and pull away.

What you do with the envelope is the point here, or rather what you DON’T do with the envelope.

You don’t put your debit card or drivers license back where they be- long, in your wallet or purse. “I’ll do it later.” you say to yourself…

How many times have you been behind the 8-ball because of this? The time you thought you were SAVING by not putting it away, you ended up wasting. You had to search for your license or debit card later on in the day, or even days later when you realized it was gone.

Here is another “I’ll do it later.” scenario. I’m sure it is one you are familiar with. You are at the grocery store, you are finished online, the cashier gives you the change, and far be it from you to inconvenience the person behind you. So, what do you do? You stuff the change or receipt into your purse or pocket and push the cart out of the store like a hur- ried freak.

I’m telling you to employ the DO IT NOW habit here. The people behind you can wait the FIVE seconds it will take you to put your card and such back where it all needs to go, not crumbled up with the receipt in a clump in your hand.
You can make sure that you have your keys, the last bag packed, your cell phone, and debit/credit card before you walk DIGNIFIEDLY out of the store.

How many times have you had to go back for your keys when you arrived to your vehicle? Or have gone home without a bag, only to call the store to hold it till you could go back there and get it at another time? I’m telling you, take your time and DO IT NOW!

Ask your OG (Organizationally Gifted) friends how often they need to return to the store for left items. You will be surprised that it is not a common occurrence for them. May be NEVER!

Here is another example: You arrive home with an arm full of things and drop your keys with all of your items. You say “I’ll get them later” and continue on with whatever your agenda was. Later you need to run an errand and go for your keys, but you can’t find them. You forget all about the fact that you dropped them when you arrived home earlier and you begin to tear apart the house.

You will SUDDENLY remember, but not before you became late for where you were go- ing and not before you made a shambles of the house, as well as making everyone who happened to live with you upset.

Here are some “Do it Now” moments I want you to incorporate. When you open up some- thing that has a wrapper, you throw it out now, not later. You spill something as you pour a drink, wipe it up now, not later. You get out of the shower and there are clothes on the floor you took off before getting in, take them with you and put them in the hamper NOW not later. See?

Just do it all now, and you can thank me later. : )

Much Love to you!
The Tidy Tutor

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