Determine a Bedtime


Determine a regular bed time, and drink enough water.

Sleep, water and nourishment are necessary for optimum living. We need to take care of ourselves.

I know your nature and you are always taking care of other things, and other people and you put yourself on the back burner. We often feel that there is no time to take care of our needs, and often we don’t see it as all that important. I am telling you that it is vitally important to becoming organized.

Determine a bed time and get yourself ready for bed every night. Literally think about what time that will be and then write it down.

Don’t get yourself ready for bed just before you crash. I want you to begin seeing this as a matter of importance and appointment.

Here is my suggested night time routine. If all you do is set a bed time, get in bed at that time, and prepare for bed by washing and putting on your Pajamas it will move your world a happy degree.

Here are some additional things you may wish to include.

Night time Routine

* Be sure dishes are done and out of the sink,
* Think about tomorrow and prepare for it.
Hang a bag on the door knob, put things needed in the bag & by door
Get your clothes ready for tomorrow (include shoes)
ask family if there are any specific needs for tomorrow.
wash face and hands/moisturize, brush teeth
put on Pajamas
Go to bed on time

We need Sleep and water, start your day right with a large glass of
water and end your day right with a ritual that will set you up for
success tomorrow.

I am not a health professional and I am not giving advise. If you consider that our bodies are over 70% water you see the great need for it. Continuing to be aware of your water intake during the day, trying to drink 8 glasses before bed is suggested by health professionals.

Consider that we need about 7 hours of sleep for our bodies and our minds. Set a time with this in mind and don’t go to bed past 30 minutes of your set time.

Tell your family, or those living with you that this is what you are doing, let them know what time you will be retiring, and then YOU need to honor it by making it happen.

If you are asked to do something for someone last minute, SAY NO! Let them know that you are respecting your new routine, and they will too. They will get the message that you mean business, and if they want something done, they had better ask you early enough for you to comply.

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