Get Organized Tip That Makes Life So Much Easier

As Promised! A strategy a day till September 1st that will set us up to have absolute success for the upcoming changing season.

In this video I talk about one thing that I do that makes life so much easier.

I don’t talk about it in this video (I do in my course) but I discovered this amazing thing to do from watching the show Lassie.

I might be dating myself… Lassie was a show about a boy and his dog (a collie) that aired in 1954…

Timmy did’t have a dad, and it was

Timmy didn’t have a dad, and it was only he and his mom.

She was a perfect homemaker (of course). There was always a pie baking or coming out of the oven. In every scene she was folding laundry, cooking or hanging sparklinging white sheets out to dry on the line in their back yard.

One day Timmy asked his mother, “Mom, where is paper?”

Mom replied a bit with a bewildered look in her eye, “Well  Timmy, paper is where the paper goes.”

Timmy smiled and walked right to where the paper was kept in a desk in the living room.

It was like someone hit me in the head with a “Are You Fu***** Kidding me!?” Brick…

I got up and started making places for things.

“Let’s see… pens can go here, and if the pens go here then I should put the pencils and paper there too.”

Then I had the idea that I could make a little office supply station in an empty cabinet in the kitchen.

That was just the beginning!

I have to tell you from that day forward I never went back to the old way.

It was a while before I incorporated a “Do it Now” habit which really has to be in place for the concept of “It goes where it goes” (Which is my Jersey girl title of what the 1950’s midwestern version of the perfect mom did) to fully be appreciated, but still, I really think it’s going to make as much as a difference in your life as it has in mine.

Watch the video, and let me know what you think.

Much Love!