Success! YAY! This is going to be FUN!

All you have to do is go into your email and open up the email to confirm. 

If you don’t see the confirmation email check spam. 

If you have Gmail, the email will probably be in your promotions tab, so click there.

As soon as you confirm, you will receive the first dejunking session, it will appear in your inbox! We will be dejunking my girlfriend Roberta’s kitchen Tupperware (plastic food storage container) cabinet.

You will get one dejunking session a day for 4 more days.

On day 2 we will dejunk my cousin’s cabinet under his bathroom sink.

On day 3 we will go into my sisters Catchall Closet in her laundry room.

On day 4 we will visit with Emily and dive into clothing and her laundry piles.

And on day 5 we will tackle PAPERS!

About once a week I will send other emails, helpful tips and tricks that will motivate you to stay on the task of ‘tidy’ and also offers I have for courses or events I’ll be sharing.

See you on the inside!!