Setting Goals for The New Year

This time of year comes with hope and panic.

Hopeful that it will be better and panic because Time is of the Essence, if we don’t come up with a plan to make it better we know nothing is going to change.

Last year we wanted to do X Y and Z but either we didn’t start or we didn’t continue.

If you are committed to improve your health, get that beach body, make more money, get out of debt, start a business, learn something new,  downsize, or travel… whatever your vision for this new year is, it has to start with a plan.

If you feel the pressure of setting the time aside and planning something to make this year great…

I want to take the pressure off.

I invite you to a webinar series, FREE, where we will create a plan of action for the new year.

You can enroll even if you won’t be available to attend. You will get the recordings and all the printables that go along with each session too.

I am holding 2 identical live webinars every day starting tomorrow the 2nd of January till the 5th.

One at 2:00PM and another at 9:00 PM New York Time (to accommodate all time zones.)

Click HERE to sign up for the 2:00 time slot.

Click HERE to enroll in the series that will be held at 9:00pm

Both are New York Time and all you have to do is register once and you are registered for the entire series.

If you want to have a plan for the new year, sign up to this workshop and then put your feet up.

Choose which time works best for you: 2:00pm or 9:00pm New York Time.

Your plan has begun, no more reason for panic, you’ve already started the wheels in motion by making the decision to sign up.

You may have noticed that I didn’t mention “getting the house cleaned up and organized” as one of the things you want to do this year.

You know why I didn’t? Because it is one of the largest parts of the plan, but not the goal.

Our ultimate goal is not to have a clean tidy house.…

It is more of a means to an end rather than an end in itself.

I want us to see the need to get the house together as a way to get all that we want out of our lives.

Let’s stop seeing it as the monumental task that we have always seen it as, and lets give it a different perspective. See it just as a barrier that is easily removed and conquered so that we can get on with our lives and focus on what’s really important to us.

In exchange for this 4 day series in which you will be empowered to begin on your New Years Journey to a better you…. I ask that you will allow me a little time to share with you how my course (that will bring your home and life from chaos and clutter to clean and in control) could be a strategic  part in achieving your New Year goals.

Thanks so much!! and I’ll see You Tomorrow! (remember there is no cost for this series!)  Register 2:00pm New York Time, Or Register 9:00pm


Kathy ~ The Tidy Tutor

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