Self Cleaning Bathroom

It might seem ridiculous to you but this really works.

It actually has to start with some faith because if you don’t have faith that what I’m saying is possible AND is easy, you won’t believe me and you won’t try it.

First you have to start with a clean bathroom

It really is such a drag to have a clean bathroom and KNOW that it isn’t going to stay that way. This plan makes it that the bathroom does stay clean and it is sooooo simple.

It’s called a “Bathroom Swish” I learned this from Pam Young and Peggy Jones from their book Sidetracked Home executives back in the late 80’s and have been doing this ever since.

Never again be embarrassed by someone needing to use your bathroom. Never again have that feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach wondering how the toilet is when unexpected company closes the bathroom door behind them.

I have done this with 5 children and a husband, and I can tell you that this works even if you have a lot of people using your bathroom.  I promise you it is easy!


A bathroom swish is something you do after you shower or bathe, and it is a job you can give anyone in your household that can be trusted with cleaning spray and can reach the mirror above the sink to wipe it.

Now, when I lived with my children, I always did the bathtub and tiles around the bathtub myself. I would squeegee the tile walls around the tub before I got out every time and then spray the tub and just wipe it out. It takes NO TIME and the tub ALWAYS stays clean.

The sink, mirror and toilet was always a kids job. Each one got it for a week and then they switched with another sib’s daily job, like putting away the dishes. (of course you have to have kids or live with someone to delegate it but if you don’t…)

It is super fast and easy. I live alone now and do it every other morning.

When it was my entire family it had to be done every day, now that it is just me, every other day works great!

Here’s How:

Keep a spray bottle under the sink and a roll of paper towels or a clean rag. Spray the top of the vanity and the mirror and wipe. Spray the toilet and wipe and pour some toilet cleaner on the inside of it and do a quick swish with a toilet brush. That’s it!

Unless you have boys peeing haphazardly around the bowl all you have to do is wash the floor once a week and the bathroom is always ready for company and for you to feel like the Queen, or the King of your castle.

(One note about toiletries. It is IMPOSSIBLE to do this with too much stuff on your vanity and around your bathtub. De-clutter it, keep only what you use and put all the items in a basket and keep them in there, that way when it’s time to do the swish, all you have to do is move one thing and place only one thing back.)

Please try this and let me know what you think! People in my Tidy Tutor Family call it “The Self Cleaning Bathroom!”

I look forward to hearing from you!


The Tidy Tutor

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Jean - Reply

Thank you for this! It’s enlightening, a real game-changer. God bless you.

    The Tidy Tutor - Reply

    Thanks so much Jean for the comment! It really works great!

    The Tidy Tutor - Reply

    Thank you Jean.

Aspiring Reformed Slob - Reply

What kind of spray do you recommend? Do you use a different spray for the mirror than for the other places? And you mention the “great Clorox products” for those of us that (ahem) need to get it clean first…please share!

    The Tidy Tutor - Reply

    I used Clorox Clean up I think it’s the one that says Plus Bleach. I took a picture of the bottle and can’t find it now. But any Clorox product that talks about mold works great. And yes, I use a glass cleaner for the mirror, or Vinegar and water. Thanks for the comment!

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