Room Cleaning 101

I used to be so overwhelmed with housework, especially when a room was a real mess.

To avoid going to bed with a pint of Hagendaz and a spoon, setting a goal to get the house cleaned up needed to be done specifically.

We can’t just say “My Goal is to have a clean kitchen.”

If it has been 5 years since you cleaned the oven, 2 years since you cleaned off the top of the refrigerator and you can’t remember the last time you wiped down the cabinet doors the goal of “Getting the kitchen cleaned up” will be so daunting you will not know were to begin and feel defeated before you even start.

In this video I talk about taking a bigger goal and breaking it up into Sub or Mini Goals.

Here are some examples:

“My goal for today is to have all of the woodwork dusted and clean in the kitchen.”

“My goal for today is to have all the kitchen appliances wiped down.”

“My goal for today is to clean all the high places and ledges in the kitchen.”

These things can be done all in one day, one at a time or any time frame that works for you.

Maybe you can do 2 mini goals a day, or 1 a day and 10 every Saturday till all of the goals are reached.

That could be another part of your goal. “My goal is to have the kitchen completely clean and organized in 2 weeks time.”

You can divide up all the mini goals that have to get done and see how many you can do and how long it would take to finish.

In Tidy Tutor University we have a system for this, so you don’t have to do much thinking… But if you are not enrolled in TTU this is a great plan to reach a room cleaning goal.

I must mention that you can not organize clutter. Any room that you chose to clean has to be dejunked first. So make that your first goal.

Now if you have tons of dishes to do, here is a method to get them done and a tip on how you can keep the sink and counter tops clear of dishes.

I hope that you are helped by this post 🙂 I would love to hear from you. Comment on this blog and let me know.

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