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I created a Facebook Group called “ROOM BY ROOM” CLICK HERE TO JOIN MY ROOM BY ROOM FACE BOOK GROUP! I did it because I know that people need help cleaning up a room that is a mess, especially if your entire house is a wreck.

Doing it one room at a time with help and a plan is a great way of getting it done.

The group got really popular really quickly and a lot of people who joined in are not familiar with The Tidy Tutor Way of doing things, so I created a FREE webinar so that you could be a part of it and have a Tidy Tutor step by step plan to go through each room once a week and a way to go throughout the entire house too.

You can click on THIS LINK, and register for my Free Webinar that will be held on January 4th at 7 pm New York Time (EST)

I will have some nice printable downloads for you and really great step by step instructions, and of course motivation to reach your goals!

When the way we are wired is right brained and more into being creative than administrative, we just want to have fun, so things can get away from us and we often get into trouble because of it, losing our keys, living in chaos and being embarrassed if someone happens to stop by.

We may not want to do the work, but we LOVE when it is done and how it feels when the house is all nice and company ready. We can have it that way all the time, not for company, but for us.

In this webinar I will help you do the work in a way that doesn’t feel like work, and in a way that is OC (Organizationally Challenged) friendly.

Click on the link mark your calendar, set an alarm and meet me online on January 4th at 7pm EST for our live online meeting.

(If it is not a good time for you, enroll anyway, it will be recorded and I will get the recording out to you via email.)

Much Love to you!
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I’ve lived in the same house 27 years. Children grown and stuff just grows!

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