Throw It Out Thursday – At Maria’s House

It’s Throw it Out Thursday! Today my sister and I
are getting rid of stuff at her house!

She has her sh#! together and I wanted to show you that
those who “do it right” get rid of stuff on a regular basis.

Stuff comes into the house that you don’t want.
Stuff breaks and becomes garbage.
Stuff becomes something that you just don’t want anymore.

So we are getting rid of 21 things!

I chose 21 because 7 is the number for spiritual perfection
and 3 is the number for complete.

7×3=21 So, there you go 🙂

Please leave me comments about what you’ve gotten rid of,
how it made you feel, and share this with someone you know
could use it to lighten their load.

Thanks so much for joining me for Throw it Out Thursday,
I’ll see you on Motivation Monday!

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Much love,
Kathy Roberts

The Tidy Tutor

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