A repurposed room

I had 2 empty bedrooms on the second floor of my house,
Emily’s bedroom was the only room on the first floor.
Since she was having a baby, we decided that she should
have a bedroom on the second floor where the baby was going to be.

So Emily moved out of the first floor and into the second.

I decided to make the room she moved out of my office.

As you may imagine, the room wasn’t squeaky clean when she
left it… so we had some work to do.

I thought it would make a great Tidy Tutor Video so I had my grandson
video tape me while I was working on it.

Because it was just about empty (except for some debris) I worked on it
a bit differently than I normally would.

Here are the steps I took tackling this room:
1. I gathered everything the did not belong in this room, and put it all into a pile.
2. Then I sorted the things into smaller piles, such as CDs, clothes, and other
items, putting them into categories to disperse into other areas of the house.
3. I brought each pile out to the space that it belonged in
4. I swept, then wash the floor (if you have a rug, then you would vacuum)
5. I took care of the surface that was in the room (the radiator)
6. I put away storage that needed to get stored inside of  this room (an air conditioner)
7. I placed the furniture where I wanted it and set up my  computer.

You may need to wash the woodwork. I know I will need to paint. But for now,
I’ve done it. Taken a messy, almost empty room, and made somethign of it 🙂

If you have an empty room, that needs to be repurposed, you can watch this video
and we can work together.

Please let me know how you do, send me pictures, and leave a comment 🙂

here is the link to take care of a room that is a disaster, and a bit overwhelming
I spoke of in the video.

How to clean a messy room Step by Step

Much Love to you!
The Tidy Tutor

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