How tired of the mess are you?

Are you ready to get rid of the clutter,
believe in a new reality for yourself,
and make a serious change in your life?

 For things to change we have to do things differently, but I know how hard it is to begin, especially when you’re alone.

Knowing where to start, ignoring the distractions, and believing that things can actually be different makes for a great beginning!But how!? How do we make those things happen?

Trying and failing is exhausting, and having tried so many times we often
want to give up, before we even start.

Did you ever notice that we seem to specialize in denial?

But we know that denial has a price, and it leads to a slippery slope where we ask ourselves this question. “WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!”

Our space is supposed to be our sanctuary where we cocoon and enjoy time for ourselves and our family.

Christine Bove’ a Feng Shui expert and founder of wrote this “From your bedroom, office, to the kitchen everything in your space is either supporting or draining your energy.”

We have been so able to live in a state of chaos and denial, we think somehow tomorrow things will be different, that we ignore what it is doing to us.

Chaos has become such the norm, that the only thing we see as abnormal is how we feel when we have company, or there is a holiday is looming…

When we are forced face how we are actually living, we feel like we’ve been hit with a sledge hammer! (and a dirty one at that)

Then, all over again, we fall onto the slippery slope of self loathing. I want you to ask you a question.

Are you ready to make a change?

If you are, like, OMG YAY! You won’t believe how much will change and how fast it will happen, and how good you will feel in the process.

Again, something I read on Christine Bove’s blog “Feng Shui teaches us that certain areas of our home relate to our wealth, career, relationships, & our clutter.”
How many things in your life are negatively affected by the clutter, and you are not even aware that their is a direct correlation between the two.

How many things will change on the outside of your world when the inside of your world is in balance?

I’m excited to share plan for change with you, and the ongoing support that I have that goes along with it.

In my four session video course you will discover:

* That you are wonderful just as you are even if you never pick up a sock
or wash a dish.
* About the expert theory and why you have never been able to implement
anything you tried before.
* You will learn about your right brain   mentality and why you are as you are
* A proven plan that works for people who think just like we do.
* Find out how to stop the unconscious clutter
* How to get the family involved
* How to schedule all that has to be done in our busy lives
* and really so much more

This class not the typical organizing help you might expect.

You can find out about Tidy Tutor University by clicking HERE classes start in January.

I look forward to getting to know you and helping you on your journey away from chaos and pain, toward a lovely comfortable well organized life that you could be proud of.


The Tidy Tutor

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sharonw - Reply

The links won’t allow me to sign up.

Rachel Robinson - Reply

Hi Kathy,
I have tried clicking on several links. They are not working.

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Thank you for letting me know Rachel and thank you for your interest. This offer is no longer available, but I can hook you up with a $1 trial offer for the entire course. You can try it out for 2 weeks and then if you do not want to continue you just have to cancel before your card will get charged. I have to get with my web guys and have that made available to you.

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