Part 3 Interview with Elizabeth

“If you have children of any age, it’s so easy to teach them Kathy’s system. You just have to use a little bit of reinforcement… and it’s easy and kids catch right on to that…” Elizabeth

Elizabeth lives in a real home, it’s not Martha Stewart perfect, there is no such thing, I call it “Wonderfully imperfect”.

When I got a little tour, and Elizabeth showed me her laundry room, she mentioned how it wasn’t perfect, but that it was great for her.

I have to say that we all have been brain washed into believing that things had to be TV perfect and that is just not true.

No one lives like that.

 A lot of people in my group are extreme, and I was an extreme slob, I may have been able to have company but it was hours and sometimes days of preparation and stress.

Everyone in my Tidy Tutor University world isn’t a complete disaster like I was.

Elizabeth’s house was not what mine was, she could have company over and not be humiliated but it was stressful and difficult to manage it all.

Here is what Elizabeth said about that.

“I think there is so much room in Kathy’s program for people to be who they are, and to find the fit that works for their family. For most families feeding their kids dinner is not the undertaking it is for my family.”

Elizabeth didn’t want to be the kind of person who made a career of organizing, alphabetizing and labeling things in her kitchen.

She went on to say…

“This made me find what was right for my family and it made things simpler. When Kathy said to me this morning that [she was stopping by], there was no panic in that, I didn’t do anything differently than I would have done on any other Monday, and I was ready to go!”

Elizabeth let me know that she had just found out that her in-laws were coming and before TTU it would have been very stressful for her and she had no stress about it whatsoever. She told me that she was actually looking forward to it instead of thinking of the million things that had to get done.

We talked about how guiltless the process is now when company is coming because there is no yelling at the kids to snap to.

For several different reasons she and her husband have decided to be diligent in trying to restore serenity and a sense of calm to their kids and Tidy Tutor University completely allowed them to do that. (I gotta tell ya, hearing that makes all this work worth it!)

When it comes to 

Dejunking and getting things out of the house was nowhere near as stressful as it used to be. The kids worked with them and in Elizabeth’s own words, “It has been absolutely life changing!”

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