Feeling Overwhelmed, where do I begin?

Have you ever felt like a deer in headlights? You know what I mean don’t you?

A deer is crossing the street at night, and suddenly a car is on the road, he turns to look at it and is paralyzed because of the headlights shining in his eyes, and even though it would most likely kill him, he can do nothing else but freeze in his tracks.

Because of the deer’s ultra sensitivity to light he is blinded and doesn’t know what to do!

Sometimes when we have a real lot to do we can act exactly like the deer does.

Our ultra sensitivity to overwhelm makes us freeze, it’s not you, it’s the way we are wired.

People like us, who are more right brained than left see the entire picture, we are unable to break things down on our own, and can’t see past the jumble of to-dos that have to be done.

That is why I developed the course “Deer in Headlights” and if you click HERE you can get it right now.

Continue reading, I have given you right here, the step by step  “How to” get past the overwhelm to get stuff done instruction.

Now I hope that you will take the opportunity to get my video course because it is way more helpful in the online video course format.

For $47.00 you have a go-to, step by step, hand holding, do it with you gold nuget to walk you through the overwhelm that comes when we’ve got so much on our plates and we don’t know where to begin.

Here are the steps to take when presented with a boat load of to-dos and you feel like a deer in headlights…

1: Get dressed and groomed. This is important! Don’t think it’s not necessary. One of the things we have to realize is that doing things the way we are doing them now isn’t working. Have you ever noticed that people who are organized always look together? Have you ever seen an organized person looking like a wreck? There is a reason for that, and I get more into why it’s so important to adhere to this principal in the video.

2: You will need a notebook and a pen.

Make a list in a notebook (there is a template I offer in the course you can use as well) > hole punch it > put it in a one inch, three ring binder (We will use this binder quite a bit on our journey together getting organized so if you don’t have one, you’ll want to get one sometime soon).

Don’t get overwhelmed thinking about all that has to be done.Just make a list of all the things that you need to do today. > Do a brain dump, everything that you feel like has to get done, in no particular order.

Something extra I want you to add to your list is “Prepare for tomorrow”

(I go into detail in the course about what Preparing for tomorrow entails)

In a nutshell, think about tomorrow and do everything you need to do today, so that everything you have to do tomorrow will go off without a hitch.

3:  Write the amount of time that you are going to spend on each thing. Not how much time you think each thing is going to take, but the amount of time that you WANT to spend on each thing you have on your list.

Here is the rule: The more you will enjoy doing or getting a particular thing done the more time you give it. 30 – 50 minutes.

The things that you are not really crazy about give less time, 15 – 30 minutes.

4: After you gave each thing you needed to do the amount of time you would work on it, then put the number 1 next to the ONE thing on your list that would make you the most happy to have completed or started.

Be sure to set a timer for the amount of time you determined for that job. When the time is up, go back to your list.

5: Now that you are back at your list > pick 3 more jobs on the paper and put the numbers 2, 3 and 4 next to them.

Pick the second thing that would make you the most happy to get done and write the number 2 next to it. Then pick the 3rd thing you want to get done and put the number 3 next to it and then the 4th.

Don’t choose another one. This is enough for now. Go and do each of those things back to back only for the amount of time you have determined for each one of them.

Remember to set the timer for each job, and then come back to your list when you are finished with 2, 3 and 4.

5: At this point you have done lots of stuff. Some may be finished, others you may have to go back to and do again (I give examples of this in the course)

Decide what you are done with for today and cross those off.

Decide what you will do next, set a timer for the amount of time you have given them and begin again.

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