On Starting a New Life

I have begun a blog a while back about my journey. I sold my 4 bedroom home, moved an hour away from my family, doing what I’ve always wanted to do and being afraid in the process.

I didn’t continue with the blog because I thought to myself, “Who really cares?” I was even afraid to look at what I was doing, and I think subconsciously I knew that if I wrote about it, I would have to look at it and since there is so much fear involved in all of the change that I was experiencing that I guess I avoided blogging about it.

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Well, so much has happened. I went to Vietnam, I hired a mentor, a business mentor, but one that deals with “Self” first.

What prompted this blog was the fact that I had been back from Vietnam for 3 weeks and I was just getting to my apartment. I had been avoiding home, staying with family and my girlfriend in my home town.

What was that about?

So this is the beginning of the continuation of the blog that I began that I’ve called authentic living – it’s a journey. One that I think all women are faced with.

So I kinda hope that this will help anybody who has found herself in that transitional period of life where I have found myself.

My identity has changed and there was no graduation ceremony or retirement party.

If you are faced with divorce, or you are a window, or changing careers, or starting a career, or your kids are all grown, or selling your home, or downsizing or starting a business… there is no transition, we’re just left to figure it out.

So I’m hoping that you will be able to help me, and I will be able to help you, and that we will figure this out together.

Thank you so much for being in my world, I will keep you updated. There is a link you can click on, either you will see it on this video, on the page you are on, or in the description box in youtube.

That will bring you to a place where you can stay in the loop, see all the videos I’ve done up until now and all the videos that will follow.

Much Love to You,

The Tidy Tutor

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