My take on black Friday

This is a week that is known to tip the scales from deficit to profit in


Because people like you and me have been brainwashed into believing
that we must excessively “GIVE” (another word for “excessively spend”)
this time of year.

But what happens if you don’t make enough money to give all the
things you want for all the people you want to give to?

Many go into debt to do it.

The fact that most people spend what they can’t afford is mass
manipulation and we’ve all fell prey to it, it has effected every area of our
lives including why you are with me in my Tidy Tutor World.

We live with too much stuff, too much guilt and too much mess.

Black Friday is apply named if we think of it as a very bleak day that makes
us feel pressure to buy things to impress other people or feel worthy,
or accepted by society and those we love.

It keeps us in the constant flow of “Work, Spend, Borrow” which is
bondage and can create no joy or fulfillment.

I just got an email from a mortgage company and the subject box was:
Don’t miss out on all the Black Friday Deals!

I opened it up to see what the message was and it said to get equity out
of your home so as not to lose out on all the black Friday sales.

What it actually was saying was: “Risk your home! Set yourself up so that
it is valueless, set yourself up to be a victim should you ever decide to sell!”

I am not saying don’t give, I’m saying redefine it, think it through, realize
what is actually happening and don’t feel like more is better. It’s not.

When we give with the mindset that more is somehow more fun, better or
necessary, those things you purchase with that in mind will end up on a
garage sale table or regifted.

We’ve been duped into believing that it translates to “LOVE” but it doesn’t,
it is simply a very well thought out marketing ploy to take money from
you without any regard for you or those you love.

Life is not about stuff, and more and more of us are realizing that it not
only doesn’t make us happy, but that it actually makes us unhappy.



I am in Vietnam this week, and I am still kind of in shock. I’ve never been
anywhere except for Florida and I didn’t fly till i was 33, this is monumental
to me.

You might be saying, “That’s easy for you to do, you make a lot of money.”

I actually don’t make a lot of money.

My business is very new.

Only 4 years ago, when Tidy Tutor was only an idea I didn’t have enough
income to eat or feed my family.

I was cleaning houses, I was a crossing guard and I commissioned myself
out as a painter to anyone who would trust me with a brush.

I was divorced 8 years ago. At that time I was a stay at home mom, no
skills to put on a resume and no prospects for work.

So please realize, this trip wasn’t easy for me to do because I have a
business and make a lot of money. It was easy for me to do because I live
differently than most people do, and you can too.

I was able to travel across the globe with little income, first and foremost
by not spending money that I did not have to spend, and most certainly not
using borrowed money (credit cards).

Being buried under too much stuff is the last thing you or your loved ones

Turn it around this Holiday Season and buy experiences while staying
within a realistic, cash only budget. You can do it. What do they say
about a journey of a thousand miles? It begins with one step.

Remember that an experience lasts for ever, a thing just ends up on a
garage sale table while you are still paying it off.

I know how easy it is to think that the cost of the item shows how much
you love someone, or a massive amount of things lets them know that
you think they are important. I’ve thought that too, the truth is, it doesn’t.

If those you give to gauge your love based on how in debt you will go to
prove it to them, it may be time to re-evaluate that relationship.

But honestly, I think it’s all in our heads. When Black Friday comes around
this week, think before you “Save” 🙂

That is my take on black Friday, please write to me and tell me your take
on it, I’d love to hear from you.

Much Love to you!


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