My son turned 30…

Doing nothing get’s you nowhere.

Time is going to go by wheather you like it or not.

My son turned 30 today. Many years have past. I was
21 when he was born.

How many lovely things, like playing with your babies, or
enjoying life,or fulfilling a dream, do you feel guilty about
doing because you aren’t taking care of the mess?

Tell yourself that you have a plan now, and so you don’t have
to feel guilty about doing the things that take you away from

Do what you love, knowing that you are going to take care of
what you know you have to.

How much do you really want change? How badly do you
really want to become organized and wake up in a clean room
going into a kitchen without any chaos?

Do you think you can do nothing and something will happen?

Send me an email that says “LET ME IN!” and we will get started
absolutely free on the road to order 🙂

Much Love!
The Tidy Tutor

here is what people are saying!

Wonderful! Very helpful! Would recommend to everyone I know who needs help with organizing their home. Teacher was great! She was a riot! Would like to take another class with her.

Kathy’s class was a pleasure to attend. Kathy was always prepared & shared good information during every session. I would be delighted to take another one of her classes!

This course absolutely met my expectations and then some. I got so much out of this class. I highly recommend it. She was great. Informative, knowledgeable, above and beyond in being helpful and entertaining. I looked forward to her class and was sad when the weeks were over.

Terrific teacher. Very personable, funny and practical.

Kathy Roberts, was very thorough and clear with explaining the system. Her handouts were great. Her personal touches and stories helped the class stay interesting & inspiring. Exceeded my expectations in most areas.

Many useful suggestions, and practical techniques. Plenty of clear examples of what to do in order to keep an organized living space. Kathy was effective, Very dynamic, and knowledgeable of the subject.

This course provided a detailed, comprehensive plan for getting organized. Ms. Roberts was encouraging, supportive and always offering additional help.

Excellent teacher – very easy to relate to, very approachable. She would talk over the phone and email for support and suggestions

The course offered good advise for those searching for ways to organize their home and climb out of the mess.

Course was thorough… The course leads you on a path to get things done and sometimes having the support & classroom structure helps with that

Much Love!

The Tidy Tutor

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