My Apartment Tour

This is the video I promised. I am giving a tour of my apartment.

There are many things I wanted to talk about in detail when doing this video,
but I realized that it would be best for me to first just give a tour and then do
little videos about all that other stuff in the weeks to come.

It really wasn’t easy trying to figure out what to keep and what to get rid of when
moving here. Giving up my dining room set was surprisingly easy, and there is a
story in that all it’s own…

Stuff can have a hold on us if we let it. Even without realizing it.

I have found a freedom that I didn’t know I needed, and that is the purpose of these
videos and this blog series.

Let me know what you think!

Much Love!

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Karen Herrick - Reply

Thank you, Kathy! Loved seeing your new, wonderful home!

Teresa Townsell - Reply

Lovely, clever ending of the video about “behind the front door”, and “seeing you on the inside”. Very cute apartment; very cute! It seems to suit you perfectly. I’m kind of curious about what I would describe as what appears to be your transition from being “the tidy tutor” (lower case) to being a “minimalist”. Obviously, you have a passion and heart for helping people, but you seem to have moved on, both in your personal life with really downsizing as well as embracing minimalism. I’m sure your message is for everyone to do the best for themselves. Just curious if there’s a real shift in thinking on your part as you move into this part of your life. My circumstance is perhaps not much different than yours: similar age, single, small but full house. I’ve yet to fully get on board with all your suggestions to tame my home, but I keep plugging away. Seeing you move into the one bedroom apartment, and speaking more about minimalism actually has me a bit nervous! 🙂 My best friend from high school is talking the same way, too! Yikes! I have too much sentiment. I guess I’m still hanging on pretty tight to “tidy”, and find myself resisting “minimalist”. Any thoughts?

Christine Bové - Reply

Looks great! Good luck in your new home!

Anne Harkin - Reply

Thanks, many happy times in your new home. I look forward to hearing more. Regards from us all in Melbourne, Australia

Marian Warren - Reply

Hey Soul Sister, Love your tiny place and your Lily is beautiful! My newly built basement inlaw apt is about 300 sq ft. I used a marker to make a white board on one of my doors too! Every time I spend time doing the dreaded clear out I feel so much better. Life is a beautiful journey to be enjoyed, thanks for that reminder and all of your inspiration.

Sarah Elizabeth - Reply

Your courage and bravery is not only inspiring but to be commended. I will send you an email on my furhter thoughts. Love, B.

    The Tidy Tutor - Reply

    Sarah! I just saw this post. Thank you for making it and for your very loving comments 🙂 I so appreciate you and what you wrote.

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