Journey To Oneness – Entry 12

My Godmother’s mother Cleopatra died many years ago.
I’ve never met her.
But this year they had a sale and they sold all her Egyptian
figurines, hand painted and a collector’s item from China.

I bought it and placed it in my truck. I didn’t bring it inside
but left it outside on my patio table. Then I cleaned that
table and put the figurines outside my truck.

Then yesterday I cleaned the back of my truck and found
them. I brought it inside to clean and place somewhere
but as I cleaned it the paint brushed off and I was very sad.
I wanted to keep these figurines as a symbol of her and I
had disrespected her memory.

Often times I wonder why I am this type of person. Could I
just plain be organizationally challenged or do I not have any
respect for material things or those that give them to me?

I’ve uncovered so much throughout these sessions. Beautiful
gifts, monies, pictures, books, trinkets. And I wonder, what
have I been doing all these years?

Have I been mummified? Have I allowed myself to just be – losing all my luster?

But still I rise and I clean because I know that I don’t want to stay dead. With every breath that I take, I still have a chance to live the life I want. It’s a race against myself – not anyone else.

And I’m grateful for a great Coach like you Kathy. Because you saw the gift in me and you are patient
because you know that Together, We Can win this race.

I love you.

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