MM & TIOT – Let’s Get Organized – Week 4

Sometimes we don’t SEE what is right in front of us!

Did you ever notice that until company comes everything looks just fine?

OK, Well… not all the time, but WHEN we think that everything is nice-a-nice,
and we get a call that someone is dropping by, then all of a sudden we SEE
things we didn’t before.

We jump up and start putting things away, and throwing things out and moving
things around. Suddenly nothing is ‘nice-a-nice’, suddenly we SEE stuff!

Sometimes when we are working so hard on getting the house cleaned up, we
won’t see something really obvious until the next day.

We will go to sleep thinking that what we did was PERFECT, only to find in the
morning, that it isn’t quite…

For example: When I first started on the road to getting organized, 23+ years ago
I spent 2 hours in my bathroom cleaning. When I was done I was so proud of it!

The next morning I noticed that the baseboard heat was GUNKED UP!
It was GROSS! I did not see it when I stepped back to admire my work
the night before.

I think it is how God made it. If we don’t get a sense of satisfaction,
when we are trying so hard, there would never be any encouragement,
and we would NEVER want to begin anything ever again.

The next day, we can deal just fine.

Our last assignment was to do one room in the house,

From Last Week: “We are going into one room, ANY room, or any area
of your house. The front porch, side entrance way, kitchen, laundry room,
ANY AREA, and getting it together.”

Well, I chose to tackle my bedroom. I wanted to move out of the tiny room
I was in, and move into the bigger one. So I painted the room I was going
out of, and I cleaned up and moved into the room that I REALLY wanted to
be in!

Well, I was so happy with how I did, and so excited to show you. I did a video
tour, and showed how I set it up and some tricks on how to keep it clean, and
when I began editing, I noticed things that I wouldn’t want out nationally!

A ripped curtain, an almost EMPTY pants drawer, chipped paint on my door,
a missing switch plate cover, and less than perfect wood flooring.

I was going to SCRAP THE ENTIRE THING! But I decided to keep it and share
it, to prove the point I talked about above, and also to show that it is true what I say,
“We don’t want perfect, we just want happy.”

So please watch the video, I point out what is messed up as the video goes on. It is
a LONG video (13 minutes) but I think entertaining enough to get through, and hopefully
motivational enough to inspire you to do something too. Our next assignment is to take care of any residual mess that has accumulated because of last weeks assignment. I show the hallway that got to be a mess because of the ‘cleaning up’ I did.

If you didn’t do the assignment last week, and don’t have any residuals, then look
around the house and do something you have been putting off. Any half done projects?
Anything that you need to get to good will? Something you need to get out for heavy trash day?
Maybe you have Christmas items out still…

Walk around the house and pick a project. I know you can find one.

Well, that is it. Share this video with a friend, leave a comment, post your pictures on my facebook page. and email me, I love to hear from You!

The Tidy Tutor

“Lets hunker down and get organized”

Our last week assignment was to take ONE room or section of the house, ANY room,
or any area. The front porch, side entrance way, kitchen, laundry room, and getting it
together.Our Motivation Mondays for a while will be on the subject of


We have done 2 weeks worth of assignments so far and
this is week 3. When you scroll down you will see week
1 and 2, so don’t worry if you have not done anything so far,
they are all included here, just jump in from the beginning and
move at your own pace.

This week we are continuing on with the assignmets from
Weeks 1 and 2 and adding this: We are going into one room,
ANY room, or any area of your house. The front porch,
side entrance way, kitchen, laundry room, ANY AREA, and getting
it together.

My de-junking video is attached (it is awesome! and you can
systematically get rid of stuff and get that area/room together)

Let me know what you are working on, and how it is going!

Much Love!

The Tidy Tutor

Supporting video – DEJUNKING! 

Getting Organized Our 2nd Assignment below

Watch this video!

Last week we began a kind of challenge to hunker down and GET IT TOGETHER!
This is a series of VIDEO TO – DOS, to get organized, enjoy our time when we are not
cleaning, NOT being guilty enjoying life, because we have a plan!

With a plan and direction, we can say ‘screw the mess!’ because we KNOW we are
following a plan that will ultimately make a change, so we can live in a nice happy hone,
making something happen that you have always wanted to, AND… THAT IT STICKS !!

When you click on the image below it will take you to the video with this weeks PLAN
AND! Last weeks as well.

NOW LISTEN TO ME! If you haven’t participated, SO WHAT!! START NOW!

ALSO there are lots of videos inside that link when you click the image that offer help

I love you you know… I understand you… I am you… I can help too 🙂

This week we are doing 4 more things. Each thing, has a short 2 minute video that
goes along with it. I share instruction, give motivation and encouragement.

Remember! It does not work unless you work it! Don’t beat yourself up, do what you can,
make progress every day, don’t make excuses and then tell me how life is changing for you!

Kathy Roberts

Click on supporting video links below




(and see all of the subsequent videos that go along with it)

Google Hangout Challenge – Set yourself up to enjoy the upcoming nice weather PART 1:)





Some More Help

(When You feel like a deer in headlights)

A do something NOW to clean up the place with direction.

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