Motivation Monday – Get up and Get out

Sometimes I need to get motivated, and often I feel like I need it right from bed.

So what I do is, I get up and get out of the house first thing.

If I am draggin my ass before my feet even hit the floor I will not be productive,
and it will not make for a real happy day. I have to do something about it!

I don’t care what I look like or what I have on. I stick my hair in a pony tail, or
a bandanna and I get out of the house and I start walking!

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It helps me wake up and start my day and realize that my life is important and
what I have to do is important.

I like to think of it as a way to get happy and that I am a professional person in
charge of my life.

Getting up and out first thing does that 🙂 It makes me feel alive and I realize that the
whole world is awake!

It stops me from DRAGGING MY ASS! And stops me from suffering from IGAD
disease (I got all day)

Even if you don’t work from home, even if you are not a stay at home mom or
dad, we need to prepare for things before we leave the house, getting up and out
really makes us move.

We have to know how we tick, we tend to move slowly, this trick makes all the difference!

I can’t explain how this works, and how it changes everything, but it really does. So when
you are laying in bed and thinking you don’t want to get up and you have forgotten how
important keeping house is, do this!

Get up and get out of the house, then write me and let me know how it really worked for you!

Much Love!
The Tidy Tutor

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