Motivation Monday: Do it For You! 2012

Hi, My name is Kathy Roberts, I am the Tidy Tutor.

Why is it that we always make the house nice for other people?

Like if we are gavin g company, or someone is getting married… we always make our homes look and feel good for other people.

Or if we are moving and need to fix things to get our security back, or make it nice for the sale. Bottom line, we fix it up for other people.

This is motivation to fix it up for you. Let’s do it for us!

Pretend that you are having company or you are moving, and you have to do “X,Y, & Z”.

Start from your front door, and walk around with a little pad and a pen.

Pretend you are a realtor, or you are that snooty relative always taking shots at your housekeeping abilities…

Look an see things that you would fix because they were coming over, but do it for you!

Send me pictures! Before and after 🙂

Get the family involved if you can!

Much Love,
Kathy Roberts
The Tidy Tutor

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