Minimalism, Who am I? Pursuit of Happiness

I recently went to see The Minimalists, founders of, and it really had an impact on me.

I have been searching for happy since 1980. I was 1 week from my 19th birthday when I got married. I was pregnant and Catholic. Back then, if you got pregnant, you got married, there was no choice.

Still, I expected to be happy, just like everyone in my family, but that didn’t happen. We were very young, and simply should not have gotten married.

I am Christian, I didn’t read the Bible at the time, but I believed that God didn’t leave us here to figure things out. I thought that maybe answers to my question “How can I live life happy?” were in The Bible.

So I began searching.

Since then I have found happy, filing for divorce had something to do with it 26 years later, but it was not the REASON that happy came into my world. Al Anon had a great deal to do with the happy that I was able to find, but still now I am not where I want to be.

I discovered minimalism in December of 2013. It intrigued me because people who were searching after a minimalist lifestyle were finding happy. BUT they were not in a mess. Their STUFF was neatly stored away. They were not living with clutter, battling with being late for everything and losing everything, they could have company over without being embarrassed. AND they found that living with less stuff made them happy.

So I decided to try it. Even though by all standards I am happy, but I have to admit I am still on my journey. I called my girlfriend who came with me to see The Minimalists speak and told her I was going to do my next dejunking as a minimalist.

I really found out something profound! I may not actually want the things I thought I did. When looking at the things in my home from a minimalists perspective, and not the North Jersey Italian mom’s, I realized that my things were obscurely part of my identity.

Maybe it is becaue of who I have been told I was. An Italian Jersey girl who is a mother and has family and I stay put. But maybe that isn’t who I am at all. While looking at things in a minimalists perspective I decided that there were lots of things I did not want.

So I am going on a new journey, which is just an extension of the one I have been on.

I am starting with my porch. In the video I talk about what I wanted it to look like, but told myself that I couldn’t have that because there were other things in there I wanted.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 11.03.02 AM


Well, now I realize, maybe I don’t want those things!

Taking this route, I believe is going to prove to be eye-opening. I predict that I will be astonished at what happens to me and my life.

In the video I talk about the fact that chapters in my life were written because of my circumstances and not because it was what I wanted. So at age 53, I am going to begin to write my own book. I will remember who I was many years ago, what my passions were, what my talents were and see where it brings me.

If you want to join me, please let me know. We can get hooked up together and see what happens. I have made a facebook group for us I called it Feminilism (Feminin Minimalists) 

Much Love to you
Kathy The Tidy Tutor


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