Below I have copied what was written by one of my students WHO I ADORE! (I adore all of all of my students, just ask any one them)

In any case, this is what Christina wrote regarding Tidy Tutor University.

I would like to say that when she mentions the nominal enrollment fee it was full price at the time. I am offering the course, and all that comes along with it for half that price if you enroll by the 31st of December.

Please don’t wait. I am so convinced that you will be completely satisfied that I am offering a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you try TTU and don’t find that it has changed your life for the better, I will give you 100% refund. What do you have to lose!?

You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. Read what Christina wrote, and ask yourself. “What am I waiting for?”
“I stumbled on The Tidy Tutor after I plugged in “organizing ideas” in a youtube search. About 7 months ago, I watched and loved her first lesson. Although I truly appreciated Kathy’s approach and everything she said, I didn’t see how further lessons could be any more informative. I didn’t enroll in TTU (I do regret missing 5 months of this). Fast forward 5 months, and I’m right back where I started, except this time I remembered The Tidy Tutor. After paying the nominal $197 (seriously, yes, I said “nominal” because, for the peace I’ve gotten, IT IS) I started going for it! While I’m still relatively new, I can tell you that if you’ve made it so far as to be reading my message then you need this just as much as I do. DO IT! Take the course! Join Insiders! It is IMPOSSIBLE to regret!”
I will be there for you every step of the way. We have a facebook page where I am completely accessible. I answer every email and love to encourage and give helpful advice, but New Years is just around the corner and I invite you to get with others who have begun to find the joy and freedom that comes from getting organized.

Learning and practicing my course doesn’t just get you organized, it gets you happy. What have you done for yourself in 2013? Do this.

Here is the link: https://blog.thetidytutor.com/ttu-session-1-free/
Click it, enroll, and lets begin a journey that you will never regret or forget.
Much Love,
Kathy Roberts

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