Is it ever too late?

My son Georgie came over today and shared a music video with me.

He said, after watching it he wished that he could play the violin.

I told him that my father died at 85 and he always wanted to play the piano.

My father actually did play the piano and beautifully, but not the way he wanted to play it, he played by ear and always wanted to learn how to read music fluently.


I told my boy, if my father began taking lessons when he was 50, which was when I was born, he would have been playing for 35 years before he died… 35 years!

Why do we always think that we have to be 21 or a child to do what we’ve always wanted to do?

It’s never to late. Do you know how many people get started in Tidy Tutor University but almost didn’t because they thought it was too late for them?

“I’ve been this way for so long, I’m 60 you know” is what I’ve been told… to which I respond. “Yeah, and? So what? What does that mean?!”

I thank God that they emailed me and let me know their concerns.

I wonder how many people don’t reach out to me and decide that they can’t get organized now, and talk them selves into believing that it is too late for them?

Are you someone who reached out to me and are so happy that you did?

Or are you someone who thinks it’s too late? I encourage you to dare to believe that it is NEVER TOO LATE!

You can begin today! Click HERE to enroll in my  Tidy Tutor University Course, you are going to love it!

I say we can do whatever we want to do, whenever we want to do it. All we have to do is believe that we can!

Let me know some things you would like to do, what you have been telling yourself is too late to start? And please follow it up with “BUT I’M DOING IT NOW!!!”

Thanks for being part of my world.

(here is the video that inspired Georgie to take violin lessons at 32)

Here is a link to enroll in Tidy Tutor University. If you think you can’t get it together, I’m telling you that you can! Click HERE and Enroll Today!

Much Love to you!


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