How do I get Organized – What does Suze Orman say?


How do you get organized ?

One thing that you do is you only keep what you
love and what fits in your house. Shoes seem to be a really important thing to

We have to many of them. I understand needing that specific something to wear
with that outfit, and I am not saying don’t have lovely things and I am not saying to ever do without things that you need.

I am saying, be selective and rethink, excess.
We only want happy, and sometimes buying things gives us that burst of happy we
are looking for. Suzie Orman says that the reason many of us have things
with tags still on them, and never used, is because those things are impossible to enjoy.

The happy it brought is short lived, and here is why.

When we spend money that we don’t have, or bring something into our home that
makes us feel guilty because of all the clutter that is there, we won’t wear or use what
we purchased, becuase it makes us feel bad to see those things.

What we originally purchased to be happy, becomes like a drug, hurting us in the long run.

We have to come to terms with the fact that clutter can not be organized, and if you seriously want to live in a home that you are proud of, you must realize that it has to start with gettting rid of stuff, and being consious of what we bring into our homes.

We talk about what we need, and what I do with what I have.

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