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Bringing it all home – Last Video

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This is the last video for “I got a big block of time and I don’t want to waste it.” AKA – Getting Stuff Done! If you have been following it, then there has been no wheel spinning. You also got the little breaks you needed in between, so even if you didn’t take any computer breaks, you got the breaks to watch the videos.

C.I.C & C.O.C aka – Clean In-between Chapters & Clean on Coommercials

We love company and we hate to work alone. I would call my Born Organized friend Lisa and she would give me some coaching. She would say, OK, what is the most important thing? I say, do what makes you the most happy. Do that first.

As time goes by, and you are saying “I don’t want to do this any more!” But you still have stuff to do… Try the C.O.C (Clean On Commercials) You watch tv, and when a commercial comes on you run around and play beat the clock and do as much as you can until the commercial is over. or the C.I.C. (Clean In-between Chapters) When you are reading you clean after you are done with a chapter. The number of pages in the chapter are the minutes that you clean. You can find the video in Motivation Monday’s archive.

* Remember to stay localized to one room when your timer is set to get moving.
* Remember to pile up things that belong in another room
* Don’t put anything away in other rooms until you are done in that room with everything else.
* Have laundry and the dishwasher going while you are working on other things.

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