What if it is Grandma’s Piano!?

Some of the hardest things we have to address is when something we really
don’t want or like, belonged to a loved one. We feel that it is wrong to get
rid of it, even though we don’t want it.

If we have somethig that is perfectly good and valuable but it doesn’t suit us
anymore or it doesn’t fit in our space, that also can be a hinderance when
it comes to decluttering.

In this video I share a protion of my course where I discuss how difficult it is
to get rid of stuff; like Grandma’s piano, even if it doesn’t fit in our home and
we don’t want it.

I talk about how I understand the PAIN that we feel when faced with getting rid of
something that has meaning to us or we just feel that we can’t get rid of it for a
myriad of reasons.

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