A Christmas Checklist to Relieve Stress and Stay Organized

I did some shopping yesterday and I picked up gifts for 2 of my grandchildren.

When I got home I put the bags under the bed because my granddaughter Lilly was visiting and I didn’t want her to see what I got her.

I remembered that there were a couple of things in the closet from another day from Christmas shopping and it made me think about everyone who doesn’t use the system I have for keeping track of Christmas gifts.

I have a checklist with me at all times during this time of year (and I’m sharing the printable here with you!)

Click the Image below or HERE for the printable
. (But honestly, you can just take a look at it, get a piece of lined paper, use the side of a book to draw 4 lines that will make 5 columns and write the headings for each column and take that out with you.)

On this list I have the names of the people I buy for and the appropriate amount of lines beneath their names. (For example, I get several gifts for my grandchildren so I will have several lines under their names)

There are five columns, and here are the headings: Name – Gift – Price –  Wrapped – Where Hidden.

If it is wrapped, I put a checkmark in that section, no check mark means that it isn’t wrapped yet.

The reason I have the heading for what each item costs is  because I like to be sure that I spend the same on each of my kids and also I want to be sure to stay on budget.
I also carry with me an envelope which all the receipts from Christmas purchases go in. It makes it super easy if things need to be returned.

Having this checklist and routine for my Christmas shopping has been such a lifesaver for me and it really helps to take away some of the stress that we often go through this time of year.

At this point you probably have lots of gifts purchased, but the printable can still be a real blessing.

Especially if you aren’t sure if you have everything you need or if you forgot anyone and also to account for everything.
When I get home I take the envelope with the receipts out of my purse and put them into  a 3 ring binder that has a few blank pocket folders in it to keep track of current projects, and in this case the project is Christmas.

If you don’t use my system and have the 3 ring binder like I do, take the envelope out of your purse and put it in a place you’ll remember.

Otherwise the envelope will rip and all the receipts will get mixed up with other stuff you’ve got in there, so take this extra, you’ll thank me!

How I keep track of projects (such as the holidays) is part of my course Tidy Tutor University which is beginning again in January!

If you would like to know more about TTU CLICK HERE and I will keep you in the loop.

Much love to you!!!

TheTidy Tutor

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