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I recently had a little grand daughter come into my life, and when she did, I really wanted to create a website called bring home baby. I saw that there was a real need for it, but no matter how hard I tried to get it done I just couldn’t. I realized that there is no time for me to do it and the other things I’m doing.

So this is what I’m doing instead. I’m putting up a video every now and then that has to do with parenting and bringing home a baby. This way I get to do what it is I wanted to do, because this I have time for.


I have 5 children and I’ve learned a few things, I haven’t done everything right that’s for sure but that is what makes this so valuable, because learning from others mistakes stops us from making the same ones!

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It is like someone who stepped in a hole and knows where it is, then they can warn someone coming by about it. “Stop, LOOK there is a hole in the ground right there!”

And with that warning we get to step over it or go around it and not get hurt. A disaster
that may have happened between you and your child, or maybe not so much a disaster, but just a mistake that would have ended up costing you could now be avoided because someone else has already experienced it.

Who doesn’t want to avoid problems or issues before the even appear right? And what more important problem to avoid than one that has to do with our children?

Now this fits in with tidy tutor because the bottom line is Tidy Tutor has to do with everything home, and since babies take over our home, I think I am right on target with this topic.

For anyone who doesn’t know about Tidy Tutor because you were surfing the web looking for parenting, or some kind of baby information or something like that, Tidy Tutor is a website that helps the Organizationally Challenged Person, get organized at home which in turn helps in every other area of life.

So you may have it all together, and be what I call an Organizationally Gifted person, but you can still learn some things from us, especially if you have a baby, because babies create a challenges even for the best Martha Stewart types out there.

OK, so my first discussing is going to be the stuff that comes along with the baby. Even before the little darling is born, if you go to your local baby department store to register for your baby shower, you are going to come home with LOTS of stuff. They will give you a gift bag that is stuffed with things that, I’m telling you, has to be addressed and addressed now. Because this is only the beginning.

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You will have free samples, and tons of marketing material in there.

Now I want you to get yourself a nice looking wicker basket, or a decorative box, the size of a brown grocery paper bag, maybe half the height.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 3.48.00 PM

If you don’t want to consume another item, you don’t want to go out and buy something. Go to the produce department of the grocery store and get yourself a tomato box, they have a shallow lid, you can cover them with fabric and stick it on with fabric glue or you could get some sturdy wrapping paper and wrap it in that. This way it will look good in whatever room you keep it in.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 3.48.14 PM

You will be happy you have this. Everything that comes in the house that has to do with baby, put it in there until you make the time to sort through it. I recommend picking 2 days a week that you make sure you address stuff that is in that box, like maybe every Tuesday and Friday for example.

There are going to be lots of paperwork that you will need to get your hands on, and this is for the life of your child, but in the beginning you go to a lot of appointments, and there are papers you have to bring along with you and things that you have to do something with. Like send for a birth certificate and stuff like that.

I want you to get yourself a binder. A one inch binder will be good. Get yourself 3 dividers that have pockets, one of them could be a folder that has 3 holes punched in it.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 1.52.12 PM
Put some loose leaf paper after each divider.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 2.15.54 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 2.07.30 PM

You want to make sure you have all that paperwork in the same place. Everything that you have to bring out with you for appointments I want you to put in the pockets of the folder that is in your binder. You can pop it out when you go and pop it back in when you get home.

Be sure to be committed to take care of papers and anything else that you bring in right away, sort through them and get rid of everything that is not necessary.

If it is paperwork that you can read online? Then DUMP IT. Just make a note for yourself on the looseleaf paper in your binder that tells you what you want to check out, for example: “Check out what are the best breast pumps” and then recycle that literature. do it right from the start. you will be really happy about this.

Much of our topics are going to be how to manage home while you adjust to the new life you are living. And this will help even if it is not your first baby because what I have found is that if you do just fine with the first baby, a 2nd baby a lot of times turns out to be an entirely different story.

I would like to leave you with this one piece of advise before I sign out, think minimal with everything that comes in the house from now on. If it doesn’t fit in the space you have deemed for it no matter what it is, or who gave it to you, make decisions to keep only what you love the most, you need, and what fits in the space you have.

Please leave a comment. I would love to hear how you are working with your new life, or if you are a veteran mom, please share you “WATCH OUT FOR THAT HOLE!” moments.

Much Love!
The Tidy Tutor

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Kathleen Cathy Crampton - Reply

this looks fabulous Katherine Rizzo Roberts, really helpful to have everything in one place

Rocio Del Carmen Ochoa M - Reply

Congratulations Kathy, you have adorable grandchild, and YES I was waiting this knowladge for my twin daughters the have one each one and one is specting the second child. Thanks, much love

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