Fun Hack to Be Productive and Do What We Need to Do!

Wouldn’t you love to feel like the master of your own universe? Knowing exactly what you’re going to do as soon as your feet hit the floor, has a ripple effect that creates momentum and adds a sense of urgency and importance to your day.

Let me ask you… when you wake up, do you know what the focus for the day is? Do you meet each day with optimistic vitality and purpose? 

For most Organizationally Challenged People, getting stuff done can be laborious and met with a feeling of dread… even easy tasks. 

Here is a hack that I have adopted that really works for me.

I will pretend to be someone whose behavior I admire… I think about who I wish I had the energy of for specific things, especially housework and getting my day started and off the ground. 

I have a sister-in-law, who I’ve had the privilege of watching in the morning, start her day and run her home… because I’ve spent the night there several times.

She gets up with focused determination and looks darling coming out of the bedroom and down the stairs, into the main living area of her home.

If you want to imagine who she reminds me of, it’s Sandra Bullock in the movie “The Blind Side”.

Can’t you see her getting her morning off the ground and her day started?

My sister-in-law doesn’t jump in the shower first thing always, but she does begin her day, everyday, with her face washed, hair brushed, dressed in her signature “no fuss but extremely sweet” look and she hits the ground running.

I LOVE watching her! She doesn’t meander, she doesn’t do things with a dragging step or a look of dread on her face. 

It’s with a kind of joy, not a YAHOO I’m doing laundry, but with determination… with a kind of  love for life and self and a deliberate way that is unique to her… With a sense of importance. She is caring for home, family and self. 

We can all be the way my sister-in-law is. If you drag your feet and drag yourself out of bed every morning, behave as if you take on the posture, imagining you’ve been casted in a play, and then play the part.

We may not have the mindset of a person we want, but we can aspire to have it and act as if. Think of someone you admire, someone who you can become motivated to be like. Put ‘her’ on like a costume and KNOW that we can be who we choose.

We don’t have to be the same as we are today. We can decide our behavior and life experience.

Knowing what to do when your feet hit the floor, is way more than being the kind of woman who’s home is clean and knows how to find things, when she wants them. It’s being the kind of person with a meaningful life, who doesn’t think of housework as a trial or something to abhor… we can adopt the attitude that it’s something to do, as a meaningful life is lived.

I’m often asked for motivation to get stuff done and this little hack really works. Try it and let me know how it went for you! 

With Love,

P.S. If you want to get it together at home with a plan, CLICK HERE and get started today!